Skylight Health signs partnership with ClinEdge to bring clinical research to primary care practices in Massachusetts

  • ClinEdge has over ten years experience partnering prominent research sponsors with clinical research sites;
  • Skylight Health provides primary care services in multiple states across the US, and will act as a clinical research site partner for ClinEdge;
  • The partnership with ClinEdge will bring industry-sponsored trials to Skylight Health’s clinics beginning with Massachusetts to accelerate growth in the field of research; and
  • This partnership demonstrates the value of Skylight’s diversity in healthcare services across the United States.

TORONTO, ON – April 7, 2021 Skylight Health Group Inc (TSXV:SHG; OTCQX: SHGFF) (“Skylight Health” or the “Company”), a multi-state primary care management group in the United States, announced today a partnership with ClinEdge, one of North America’s leading clinical research groups.

ClinEdge provides a full suite of services to support clinical research institutions, Contract Research Organizations (“CROs”), and sponsors. Their mission is to develop and grow service lines that positively affect the cost structure, timeliness and accuracy of administering clinical research. Their relationships with CROs and other industry sponsors ensure the success of their Study Lead Generation Services to identify clinical trials to suit the population of each research site in their network. ClinEdge works closely with clinical research sites to ensure their success in being awarded clinical research trials from highly experienced and well-known industry sponsors.

“Partnering with sponsors that share a similar vision on the importance of quality clinical research that puts patients first is vital to Skylight’s growth and the growth of the US healthcare system at-large,” said Alisha Garibaldi, Clinical Research Manager, Skylight Health Group.  “ClinEdge brings unparalleled experience in this field, and we’re proud to have solidified this partnership.”

This partnership with ClinEdge will add to the 50+ years of experience on the Skylight Health Research Team and will bring clinical research trials investigating a wide range of indications beginning with the clinical sites in Massachusetts. This will provide an opportunity for patients in Massachusetts to participate in these trials, which may provide them access to new therapies, treatments or vaccines. Skylight Health understands the value of research, and not only wants to provide the best care of their own patients but wants to ensure that as a Company, they can contribute to the broader medical science community as it continues to progress. Based on the success in Massachusetts, Skylight will look to further expand this partnership across other US states.

ClinEdge brings trials opportunities in a wide range of indications, including diabetes, COVID-19, arthritis, post-traumatic stress disorder, hypertension, and many others. Patient participation in trials awarded to Skylight Health will be available for both existing patients, as well as individuals who may not be patients of Skylight Health but are interested in contributing to clinical research.

Apart from being able to contribute to scientific knowledge, participating in clinical research trials can financially benefit Skylight Health and patients alike. The award for clinical research sites may range from $1,000 – $15,000 per patient per trial, and patients receive stipends to compensate for their time and effort for participating in clinical trials as well as reimbursements for expenses incurred. The teams at ClinEdge and Skylight carefully screen all trials for scientific and ethic rigour prior to reaching out to potential patients.

“At Skylight Health we focus on continually improving the care of our patients through research, data, and innovation. We are excited to announce our partnership with ClinEdge as it is the next step in the expansion of our clinical research program. This partnership represents an opportunity for our clinics and patients to make meaningful contributions to the improvement of healthcare through clinical research while providing access to new therapies and the potential for subsidized care.” Christopher Smith, SVP of Digital Health and Research, Skylight Health.


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