Skylight Health Expands Data Strategy to Utilize Amazon Web Services Infrastructure to Improve Patient Care, Health Outcomes, and Clinical Efficiencies 

 TORONTO, ON – February 23, 2021 – Skylight Health Group Inc. (TSXV:SHG; OTCQX:SHGFF) (“Skylight Health” or the “Company”), one of the largest multi-specialty healthcare systems in the United States, today announced that it has partnered with Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) to utilize their infrastructure and tools as part of a big data strategy. Skylight Health Group will combine data from hundreds of different sources and use tools available in AWS, from Business Intelligence platforms to Artificial Intelligence to identify ways to improve patient care while increasing clinic efficiency and revenue potential.

The Skylight Health approach will enable acquired clinics to take advantage of guidance from its centralized team of clinical and operational experts whose insights will be powered by this big data strategy.

Aggregating the data from its clinics will allow Skylight Health Group to:

  • Improve patient outcomes by identifying key marks of health and disease, reduce hospital visits, enhance monitoring, and increase satisfaction and quality of life by tracking metrics that are important to patients.
  • Increase patient engagement in their own health by identifying and targeting patients who may benefit from preventative care, improve treatment plan compliance through targeted communication and education, and remove barriers allowing patients to become active in their own care.
  • Improve safety by identifying patients at risk, and then enabling for appropriate care and monitoring.
  • Increase operational efficiency by decreasing the administrative burden on physicians and allowing for ways to improve billing and revenue cycle management.

“Centralizing data from across our clinic network will allow Skylight Health to leverage the latest technology in identifying opportunities for growth and is a key component in our strategy to improve patient care,” said Christopher Smith, SVP Digital Health, Skylight Health.  “The analyses made possible by bringing this data together will allow our team to recognize potential gaps in care, strengthen the way we engage patients, and enable our team to identify opportunities for improvement not previously achievable.”

This is an initial step in Skylight Health Group’s strategy to use centralized data to improve patient outcome and clinical efficiency. As Skylight Health Group continues to acquire additional clinics, utilizing this approach will identify further opportunities to use data to increase value for patients, physicians, and the organization.


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