• Galassini brings more than 20 years of experience in the Insurance and Payor industry as a former Medco Health Solutions, Inc executive
  • Galassini will help drive growth for CB2 in developing a sales channel with small-to medium-sized businesses (“SMB”) in the United States for Skylight Health Direct Primary Care services
  • SMB’s represent nearly 48% of the total employee workforce in the US and among the highest rate of the uninsured population
  • Over the coming months, CB2 will develop and deploy a strategy to bring its Direct Primary Care services to small and medium sized employers across the US, with a total addressable market of more than 60 million Americans and USD $4.2 billion.

 TORONTO, ON – August 19, 2020 – CB2 Insights (CSE:CBII; OTCQB: CBIIF) (“CB2” or the “Company”), announced today that it has appointed former Medco Health Solutions, Inc executive Pam Galassini to its leadership team as Senior Vice President, Business Development. Within this role, Galassini will support CB2 Insights initiatives to drive engagement and sales in the US for its Skylight Health Direct Primary Care (“DPC”) offering to small- to medium-sized businesses (“SMB”).

Galassini brings more than 20 years of pharmacy benefit management, payor insights and pharmaceutical manufacturer strategies and solutions experience to Merida Capital. Throughout the nearly two decades spent at Medco Health Solutions, Inc., which was acquired for $29B by Express Scripts in 2011, Pam served in a number of roles within the organization, including as the company’s Pharmaceutical Strategies & Solutions Senior Vice President, Government & Labor Senior Vice President and the Central Region Vice President of Sales. Galassini also currently serves on the operating team of Merida Capital working its group of portfolio companies. CB2 Insights is a Merida Capital portfolio company.

SMB’s in the US employ approximately 60 million people each year accounting for nearly 48% of the country’s total employee workforce. The highest rate of uninsured workers are found among employees in small firms or self-employed. 35% of workers in small firms are found to be uninsured compared to 13% in large firms of 100 employees of more. This leaves a significant gap in healthcare coverage. Skylight’s DPC service is a fixed membership model that costs  $199 a year and is designed to offer affordable and accessible coverage for all. This suggests a USD $4.2 billion addressable market for CB2. Further, Skylight’s team of patient enrollment coordinators can work with patients to help them in qualifying for Medicare and Medicaid for additional services covered by insurance.

“Over the coming months, CB2 will be developing and deploying a strategy to target SMB’s, offering them a platform to helps solve the needs of healthcare services for their employees,” said Prad Sekar, CEO, CB2 Insights. “This strong B2B channel will provide a robust pathway for patient growth for CB2 while enabling a much-needed service for US employees. We are excited to have Pam’s expertise and leadership guiding this initiative.”

“The ability to bring access to affordable primary care to a broad section of the healthcare market that has been traditionally under-served represents an incredibly exciting opportunity.  CB2 Insights has created that rare offering in which all stakeholders are served, and healthcare is improved for everyone involved.” said Pam Galassini.

Under its existing stock option plan, the company has granted executives 2,736,440 stock options vested over 18 months.

For more information on Skylight Health DPC, please visit www.skylight.health.

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